TERA: Rising introduces its upcoming political system

Gameforge has introduced the new political system that will arrive to TERA: Rising with the upcoming Alliance update. This update will completely change TERA's game experience, because it will give to the players and guilds (entry to an alliance is decided by the guild leaders, members will follow automatically) the possibility to ally themselves with the Velika, Allemantheia or Kaiator and influence the political force of their alliance. All three factions are struggling for the possession of a mysterious mineral called Noctenium, which is capable of providing unimaginable powers.

Players begin in the lowest ranks of their Alliance, but they are going to rise through the hierarchy due to the new political system. In addition players can actively participate in the war and steal resources in battles against enemy alliances. To try and prevent one alliance from attaining sole reign over Arborea, the other two can unite forces against the dominant threat and head into battle together.

TERA politic RW1

The conflict is pushed to its climax with the new continent-wide PvP combat system. The players directly affect how increases or decreases the power of the factions, increasing or decreasing its valued Noctenium reserves. In addition the winners of these PvP battles will earn the privilege of priority access to an instanced dungeon.. Finally, each faction will provide certain benefits: the Kaiator will improve the resistance against numbing effects, the Allemantheia will get additional credits and the Velika ransack more gold from defeated monsters.

TERA politic RW3 TERA politic RW4 TERA politic RW5  TERA politic RW2

Source of informations: Gameforge press release.


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