TERA: Rising’s October update

TERA: Rising has announced a new update named Steampunk Workshop. This update adds new dungeons, new PvP and PvE gear and the item shop receives a new steampunk-themed equipment among many other innovations.

TERA_Screenshot RW1

The new raids and dungeons that Steampunk Workshop adds are: Wonderholme is a new 10 player raid inspired by Alice in Wonderland, which is available in both normal and hard mode, The Channelworks, a new 3 players dungeon which has no class restrictions, where the group will receive the help of one of 3 AI controlled NPCs, and whose role will be defined by the group line, The Shattered Fleet, a new 5 player instance, where brave fighters are going to fight against monsters which inhabit in abandoned ships and Kezzel’s Gorge, a defence dungeon for 7 players, where players will fight against Kezzel the giant.

TERA_Screenshot RW2

In addition, the update adds new BAMs, festivals, and mini-games.

TERA_Screenshot RW3 TERA_Screenshot RW4

Source of informations: Gameforge press release.


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