TERA Releases the Dragonsire’s Revenge Update

En Masse Entertainment have today released Dragonsire’s Revenge, the latest free content update for their flagship True Action Combat MMORPG, TERA. Dragonsire’s Revenge heralds the return of updated high-end content for max level players as well as sun, sand, swimsuits, and beaches for players of all levels with TERA’s upcoming ‘Blood on the Beach’ summer festival event!

Leading today’s update is the return of the Harrowhold raid, tasking players to ultimately defeat one of the most powerful dragons in existence: Vergos, the Dragonsire. The returning raid has been tweaked in response to player feedback, now requiring 20 players to complete and rewarding those skilled enough to defeat Vergos will high-end loot and a chance at rare flying dragon mounts. Hard versions of the Bathysmal Rise and Akeron’s Inferno dungeons have also been re-added with today’s update, providing players with Tier 12 loot and crafting materials.

Starting on July 13, the annual Summer Festival event will return to the world of TERA, providing much-needed rest and respite for players on the sunny beaches of Castanica, and the exotic temple at Balder’s Refuge. Summer-themed activities including splash cannon fights, watermelon smashing competitions, the Festival of the Sun, and more are returning with the event, rewarding an event-specific currency to those who complete them each day. Players can spend this currency in-game for a chance to earn summer swimsuits and accessories from summers past, and new swimwear has also been added to the TERA store for this year’s celebration. So enjoy summer and stay cool with a stylish new swimsuit—or a classic old one!



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