TERA Releases Demon’s Wheel Update

En Masse Entertainment has released the latest content update for TERA, titled Demon’s Wheel. Named after the new five-player dungeon that forms the core of today’s update, Demon’s Wheel takes players to a shanty town outside the high elf capitol city of Allemantheia to investigate reports of the townspeople’s troubling behavior.

The high elf elders have become nervous about the town as it is discovered that all the adults have abandoned their families and jobs in search of great wealth and fortune within the Demon’s Wheel, a mystical game of fortune that promises a chance at great rewards…for a price. Players will be tasked with uncovering the secrets behind the Demon’s Wheel, ultimately leading to a confrontation with the Wheel’s malevolent operators – Bandersnatch and Demeros – relying on their skills, as well as some help from villagers and a bit of luck, to best the dastardly duo.

Players looking to try their luck in a less deadly setting won’t have to wait long when the popular Bamarama event, which pits two BAMs (Big Ass Monsters) against each in single combat, returns on Thursday, September 14! Head to the Freeholds and speak with the Bamarama bookies Teena, Tayana, or Linu, to purchase golden tickets which can be wagered on one of the competing BAMs. Winners take home a piece of the total purse of golden tickets, which can be wagered on the next match or cashed out by selling them back to the Bamarama bookies for special event loot.

For those who aren’t feeling as lucky, Freehold will be home to the annual Rootstock harvest festival, bringing a host of themed daily event quests rewarding players with golden tickets. Players that are level 18 or higher can also travel to the Tuwangi Mire to participate in the Pond Faire. Help the locals celebrate as the baby tuwangis turn seven years old by playing Drum Away or Hide and Seek with the adorable young ones, or simply enjoy the zone’s heady atmosphere!


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