TERA To Release Argon Assault Event on August 15

En Masse Entertainment today announced Argon Assault, a massive new event for their flagship free-to-play MMORPG, TERA, set to be released on August 15. Argon Assault will see players fighting off daily invasions of the malevolent argons in exchange for science-fiction-themed cosmetic items and other valuable in-game rewards.

Twice daily, from August 15 through September 5, a legion of argon monsters will invade TERA’s open-world zones of Savage Reach, Spring Valley, Ex Prima, Highwatch, Arx Umbra, and Balder’s Refuge. Players will need to band together to take on these buffed-up argon monsters for a chance at earning special event loot boxes containing sci-fi items including plasma weapon skins, skycycle and jetcycle flying mounts, wearable accessories, and valuable enchanting materials. The fleet of invading enemies includes some of TERA’s most fondly remembered—but long-dormant—bosses, including the argon queen herself… Shandra Manaya!

The Argon Assault will take place primarily in high-level zones and will require players to be at the top of their game. To aid new players in reaching max level in time to participate in the event, En Masse has launched a lengthy leveling event that is also active through September 5. Throughout the event, players earn double the normal experience for every monster they kill, while also unlocking extensive reward packages for reaching specific level milestones.

Players who make it all the way to Level 65 during the event will be awarded a permanent Zephyr flying mount and Veteran’s Cape back-slot accessory! With both the Argon Assault and the leveling event running through September 5, this summer is the perfect time to get into TERA!


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