Tales Runner’s new chapter, Chaos Genesis

TalesRunner, a fantasy casual MMO, introduces its biggest chapter since its launch, Chaos Genesis. The new content will be updated starting from June 1, and the highly-anticipated Chaos Battle will begin on June 17! Chaos Genesis features a battle and confrontation between two factions: Angel and Devil.  Players will be asked to choose their own faction and fight together to conquer the land. To add more fun to the battle, new angel and devil-themed alchemy armor sets, missions and maps will be updated.


Chaos Genesis: New  Features

Chaos Wars
Choose a Faction… Angel or Devil!  Fight together with your Faction in order conquer the land and receive points for awesome prizes!  Prizes include Pets, Shoes, Wings, & More!  Will you be the one to carry your Faction into glory?
Angel & Devil Alchemy
Two sets of Alchemy held the balance of the Tales Land for Thousands of Years…  Recently, the Devil Alchemy Set was stolen!  Fearing the unbalance of power within the Realm, King Henry ordered the unsealing of the  Angel Alchemy Set as well…  Thus, began what will later be known as the Chaos Genesis …
Kai The Demon Child
They mysterious and dark adopted child of Dr. Hell will arrive to Tales Land this Chapter!  Find out about his story, history, and secrets!  Watch out!  If his emotions get the best of him such as in fury mode, his inner demon will appear!
The Guardian Dungeons
Hidden in a dark corner of the realm lies a giant secret dungeon where magical powers dwell…  For thousands of years, this giant dungeon housed the powerful Angel and Demon Alchemy…  Absorbing the powers  of these incredible items, the surroundings too grew powerful!
Some call them Demons while others call them Guardians…  Whatever they may be, they are angry at the removal of their precious source of power! Fight together in a group of 8 to tackle on this new addition to racing!  Experience racing like never before where the key is to cooperate with other players to tackle on and defeat monsters!  PvE in a racing game?!  Now’s your chance to experience it yourself!
Chaos Emblems
Elder Izarth realized that in order to curb the turmoil and chaos that is running amok in the land, we will have to find a Chaos Master.  A Chaos Master will have to go through many ordeals in order to proof himself or herself worthy of this title.  Therefore, Elder Izarth decided to travel to the Tales Land in search of a worthy Chaos Master…  Collect the 9 regional emblems to unlock the Chaos Master Emblem!  Be the first 5 to become a Chaos Master and be recognized as the ones to unleash the power of the “Redemption of Chaos” to the world!
Redemption of Chaos Alchemy & Mantras
Few individuals will ever evolve into the perfect being and the ones that do are deemed God-Like…  The effects are temporary and the retrieval of the Secret Remedy may prove to be difficult for many…  It’ll also take 5 Chaos Masters for this secret to be revealed to the world…  Experience the Power of the Redeemed and hold the Mantras of Archangels & Archdemons! 

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