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Developed by Moli for Windows.


Tales of Pirates is a 3D Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game, a new version of Pirate King Online. Play as one of four characters and begin your adventure in one of three locations; a desert town, a lush forested area or a winter wonderland. Leveling in Tales of Pirates is best done through questing and is fast during the early stages.


The game is based on the adventures of Lance, a human raised by demons, Phyllis, a girl with a shortened lifespan (which does not affect gameplay), Ami, a young little girl that does not age, and Carsise, a half-demon. The world they live in is made up of multiple continents and islands in which they travel by foot or by ship, killing monsters and other obstacles in their way with a wide variety of weapons.


- Fairy Pets;There are pets that players can obtain through quests, other players, or mostly from the item mall (though since July ?th pets are not purchasable anymore through item mall. The pets are fairies of various appearances, and their uses include giving the character extra stat points and learning special skills to help their masters in battle. Fairies are also necessary for some life skills like manufacturing.

- Guilds; Guilds in Tales of Pirates are groups of players allied together to benefit everyone, similar to many other games. To create a guild a Lv40 character, a Stone of Oath item, and one million gold are needed. To join a guild, the player must be at least Lv20 and he/ she can apply for the guild at specific NPCs, and wait for the approval from the guild leader.

- Item mall; Tales of Pirates is free to play, but some players may choose to further customize their characters appearance or enhance them by purchasing point cards via several methods of payment, which allow players to buy special items. Updates are added on a regular basis and there are special promotions at the end of every month.

- Mazes; The game also contains three dungeon-like areas called mazes. The three mazes open in rotations of 3 hours each, and each maze has its own ranged level requirements. The mazes are also one of the few PvP areas in the game, enabling players to fight not only the monsters in the maze, but each other as well.

- Influences; There are characters and items that refer to Pirates of the Carribean; the NPC Jack Arrow, who represents Jack Sparrow. William, a blacksmith, Elizabeth, Captain Barbossa, and even Davy Jones' chest.


Players of different classes have different and unique skills that assist them in battle. There are two types of skills: passive and initiate. Passive skills increase the character's stats (attack, attack speed, defense, etc.) permanently, and affects his/ her performance all the time. Initiate skills, however, is temporary.


Players can choose to be different classes, varying with their character. There are in total 10 classes, 4 belonging to the Basic Classes, which can be chosen at Level 10. Those classes include Swordsman (deals physical damage), Hunter (ranged class using bows), Explorer (deals powerful magical damage and has many bonuses on sailing), and herbalist (weak in offense but can heal other players and give them temporary bonuses on their stats- known as "buffing").

At Level 40, players can choose an advanced class depending on the character and the basic class. Those 6 classes include Crusader (a popular class, is very agile and deals melee damage), Champion (high defense with high HP, dealing high melee damage), Sharpshooter (high ranged damage, uses fireguns), Voyager (magical damage, even more bonuses for their boats), Cleric (more healing and supportive power), and Seal Master (similar to Cleric, but has more offense).


OS: WIN 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista
CPU: P3-800 MHz
RAM: 256MB
HDD: 1.0GB
Graphics Card:  16 MB 3D Accelerated Graphic Card
DirectX: 9.0c

Website: Tales of Pirates

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