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IGG's Tales of Pirates Team will be launching another totally new and HUGE region for all players called Grand Line. This new server is scheduled to officially launch on November 18th at 4 PM EST (GMT-5). Grand Line is not a typical ToP server. It will run a special operation mode balanced to serve so many new players, whether first-time pirates or seasoned veterans of other servers. Grand Line offers a new beginning where players can set sail with friends both new and old as they seek adventure.


Instead of individual heroism and personal glory, the new region will instead focus on teamwork. In PvP, superior gear will give way to superior tactics and skill. The region's Item Mall will not include some extreme and high-class equipment, but rather showcase items like the newbie package, daily consumption items and decorative merchandise. Vets will not be allowed to move their superior equipment and items to the new region, so players who don't spend freely in the mall will have a safer place to play where they can fully explore and enjoy the ToP world.


To celebrate the debut of this new region as well as the upcoming Thanksgiving Day holiday in the US, ToP officials will be offering many fantastic rewards and exciting activities, including the Leveling Contest, Multiple EXP Carnival, Sand Bag Critter's Party and much more. Make sure you stop by, whether this is your first time setting sail under the Jolly Roger, or you're a grizzled brigand, and enjoy everything the new server has to offer.

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