Tales of Pirates II: the forsaken City Maze

IGG’s Tales of Pirates II features an innovative Maze System. Today the TOP II team has presented a preview of what players can expect to see in one of the three mazes currently in development: the Forsaken City. This feature rewards teamwork, strategic planning and the ability to quickly react to situations as they arise. In the maze, players can search for treasures but must also be careful to watch out for raids by other teams. The free PvP mode enabled in mazes has been one of the game’s highlights during testing. While some alpha testers have already experienced this system, today the TOP II team has a preview of what players can expect to see in one of the three mazes currently in development: the Forsaken City.

Shaitan archeologists recently discovered a thousand-year-old ruin containing ancient treasures. Though eroded by time, its size is still impressive. Those who have seen it speak with awe of its majesty and mystery. Groups have entered the site out of curiosity, some to do research and others to see its architectural wonders. However, there have also been attempts to recover the magical treasures hidden within for purely personal gain. Whatever their motivations, those who venture inside must be careful of ancient traps and protectors if they value their lives.

The entrance of the maze is located in an area of the Shaitan Sea at the Magical Ocean (1509, 3666) and opens every 3 hours. Players Level 30-45 can find the entrance with the help of an Ancient Generator. To enter the Forsaken City maze, they must brave the sea’s whirlpool by boat. After docking at the ancient port, players can enter the maze. There are 3 floors inside containing Level 30-45 elite monsters.

First Floor
Players will have only 40 minutes to find the entrance to the Second Floor (84,246) once they enter the maze. After 40 minutes, the gate to the Second Floor will close.

Second Floor
Players will automatically be scattered among the 4 corners of the Second Floor after passing through the transportation portal. At the center of the Second Floor (249,225), players will find the entrance to the Third Floor. It will remain open for 80 minutes, after which it will close.

Third Floor
Players will arrive at the center of the Third Floor, but the treasures are hidden in the 4 corners and protected by 4 BOSSes. The Third Floor will stay open for 120 minutes. If players fail to finish before the time is up, they will be automatically ejected from the ruin. The clock starts ticking as soon as the gate opens, so players must not waste any time once inside.

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