Tales of Pirates II preview: exploring the Treasure Gulf

IGG recently announced a new MMORPG, Tales of Pirates II. The upcoming Alpha Test will include the unique Sea Battle and Treasure Hunting systems.

Incorporating real-time strategy elements, sea battles will prove to be both intense and exciting. To take part in these epic confrontations, players will need a ship. A ship is not just a floating home and means of transportation; it is also a powerful weapon. While activities such as marine trade will be essential shipboard features, each vessel will be capable of so much more. Bow, Mobility, Cannon and Components can each be chosen to create different combinations of ship stats and abilities. As players navigate open waters, their ships will accrue EXP and improved attributes.

A solid ship isn’t the only thing a player will need to be successful. They must also have a Voyager on their team. Voyagers are men of valor who make a name for themselves by traveling across the wide oceans and through uncharted waters. Their passion for exploration cannot be deterred by the many dangers that lie before them. They have the ability to explore the ocean’s riches or wield fearsome magic on land. Voyager will be one of the most popular professions among players.


All this is nothing without someplace to show off one’s prowess and obtain riches. Intricate mazes such as the Forsaken City, Dark Swamp and Demonic World are waiting to be explored. Mazes contain many precious items guarded by evil monsters. Some mazes will be found on the continent while others may be found on wild, uncharted islands discovered at the culmination of a long voyage. Finding a maze is only the first step to glory, though. To sail away with the treasures hidden inside, players must first defeat BOSSes that will guard these riches with all the considerable powers at their command.

Sea Battles and Treasure Hunting will be central to the game, but players will also be able to earn treasures by salvaging or fishing. If they don’t find exactly what they want, it’s easy to sell the booty a profit.

Visit its official forum. And read here all you need to know about Tales of Pirates.

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