Tales of Pirates II introduces a new rear fairy system

Tales of Pirates II introduces a brand new Rear Fairy System during th closed beta testing phase. Players can use the special Fairy Liquid to create a Rear Fairy on their Fairies. The Rear Fairy is like a sleeping guardian who will not directly enhance the attributes of a player, but wakes up to drastically enhance their attacks or defenses during combat.

The Fairy Liquid is a rare substance that can only be acquired at the Item Mall or by taking part in game events. There are different levels to the Fairy Liquid which will in turn create Rear Fairies of different levels. The level of the Rear Fairy will affect the chances of it activating in battle. Different Fairy Liquids will create different Rear Fairies. However, they all fall under 3 main categories:

Light Fairy
The Light Fairy symbolizes the protection of light. It bestows players with the gift of enhanced defense and the blessing of recovery.
Nightmare Fairy
The Nightmare Fairy epitomizes the bane of darkness. It curses its opponents with the wrath of poison and corrupts their defenses.

Thunder Fairy
The Thunder Fairy represents the strength of Thor. It infuses players’ attack with the power of lightning and dramatically increases their physical attacks.

Having a good Rear Fairy is like having a guardian angel watching your back. Naturally, such powerful custodian will not be there forever. Rear Fairies can only be summoned if they are equipped at the 4th inventory slot and they have a life gauge that will slowly ticks down to zero. Once their life gauge expires, the Rear Fairy will vanish.  The Rear Fairy will be a major factor that can swing the tide of battle. It will be an indispensible companion as you fight for the domination of the waves.

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