Tales of Fantasy : New Instances in Closed Beta

Tales of Fantasy will commence its Closed Beta this Wednesday and one of the highlights is the introduction of the mysterious new instances.
Gathering Instance
When it comes to raw materials for making high level equipment and weapons, there is no better source than the Shen’Nong Forest instance. The minimum level requirement for this instance is Level 35, and all the high level raw materials you'll need to create fantastic equipment can be gathered in this instance alone . H owever, watch out for the BOSS and his various underlings, who are hell-bent on spoiling all the fun. The key here is to avoid getting into fights, and gather as much as possible before time runs out.
PK Instance
Players who are Level 30+ will qualify for the Arena – this is where you can PK as much as you like. Players can participate as a single person, or as a team. Simply sign up with the Arena NPC in the main cities, and the system will then automatically assign all participants into matchups. Players who win in the Arena will receive special titles, and have their names listed on the Arena rankings!  The titles awarded offer a resistance to damage – the higher the rank, the better!
Defense Instance
The Dimensional Gate instance is a good chance to engage in teamwork with other players, utilizing the various strengths of the different classes to defend against wave after wave of monsters.
This instance is available to all players Level 30+. The main objective of the instance is to defend the Life Stone from destruction – by holding off 30 waves of monsters! Completing this instance rewards player with Centrifugal Stones, which can be used to exchange for Soul Crystals.
Heroes’ Instance
The Lone Knight instance is available to all players who've reached Level 40+. The essence of which is exactly as name suggests – be the hero and save the day by defeating stage after stage of monsters and bosses! There are a total of 5 stages which must be cleared in order – simply complete all 5 to pass the challenge!

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