Tales of Fantasy introduces its community interaction system

Tales of Fantasy has more to offer than a fantastic mount system, epic instances and stunning graphics. Today, its dev team brings us the introduction to community interaction system.
Looking for a way to talk with friends all over the game world? Well, there is no shortage of options available. Chat channels range from the limited area of the Local channel, to Private PMs, Team chat, Guild chat, and more. However, if you've got something important to say there's no better way than using a loudspeaker. Once used, your chat message will appear to all players across both factions, displaying your character name and the faction you belong to. Also, the message will be displayed in a prominent orange, so it’s hard to miss – thereby ensuring your message will be heard and seen by all. Loudspeakers are not character or account based, and can be traded to other players freely.
In Tales of Fantasy, the mail system can be utilized for more than just simple message mailing. Players can actually use it to send items and money to friends, whenever its needed. No matter the distance; no matter if your intended recipient is actually online; as long as the player is a member of the same faction as you, the mail can and will be delivered to their mailbox. If they are offline, the mail will pop up in their mailbox the instant they log in. This mail service is totally reliable but not totally free. You can't add a stamp to the letter, so we charge everyone the set fee of 1 Silver per message. If your money bag is feeling a bit light, you may want to think twice before using this system, but if you've got the cash, then there's no better way to get your message delivered – on time, every time.
It seems that these days everyone has a blog – or at least everyone LOVES to read a blog, no? Well, in Tales of Fantasy we’ve designed a system where you can visit blogs quickly and easily, or even edit your own blog from inside the game! Simply input your blog link under the relevant tab in the system settings, and enjoy the fun of blog-browsing while gaming! Using the same interface, you can actually visit other blogs of your choice too.

Check here all you need to know about Tales of Fantasy. And visit its official website.

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