Tales of Fantasy: fusion system details

With the unique Fusion system of Tales of Fantasy you can virtually fuse a variety of equipment into your soul, stacking permanent attributes onto your character.

Obviously, the better the equipment you use for performing Fusion, the better the result – so don’t be stingy about it.  The attributes gained by this function will permanently strengthen your character’s constitution! Of course, when we say Fusion, we mean it.   All of the equipment you use for fusing ill disappear and become a permanent part of your character’s attributes!

Fusion requires a container – and that container is known as the Soul Crystal. The higher the level of Fusion you perform, the more Soul Crystals required – these can be gained via storyline quests, or through instance rewards. Also, please take note that the level of equipment used for fusion must be same as, if not lower than, the level of the fusion itself. For example if you are performing a level 10 Fusion, then you may only use level 10 or lower equipment.

A little secret
Fusion may be done repeatedly.  So should you come across a better set of equipment later in game and you would like to redo a certain level of Fusion, you can do so as many times as you wish!



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