Tales of Fantasy: Classes preview

IGG has presented the classes for its incoming MMO, Tales of Fantasy, which it's based around the conflicts that emerge between competing factions.


Once at Level 20, players will be faced with the choice that will decide their path in life. Once you have decided, visit the relevant NPC in the main city. All paths lead to power, it is up to each player to decide how to wield that power. When you reach Level 25, the obvious allure of this game becomes apparent as players can then hop on their mount and begin galloping through the land!

There 2 Main Class Divisions: Fighters and Spellcasters

4 Basic Classes
Warrior, Rogue (Fighters)
Mage and Healer (Spellcasters)

8 Final C lasses
Gladiator, Sentinel (Warrior)
Marksman, Assassin (Rogue)
Summoner, Archmage (Mage)
Druid and Priest (Healer) 



Skilled Warriors
A must have in any good party, the muscle bound class once again provides a steady bedrock on which to build a successful team. Whether they happen to be offensively (Gladiator) or defensively focused (Sentinel), when they've got your back, and possibly the front as well, no opponent lasts long.

Elusive Rogues
The class of choice for vanguards and scouts, the Rogue will advance to either Marksman or Assassin in the future. As a Marksman, no target, however minute or distant, will escape their eagle eyes and deadly accuracy; as an Assassin, no one will see it coming until it's too late.

Powerful Mages
Masters of the elements, these cunning mystics are not to be trifled with lightly. Summoner and Archmage are the final step on the path of a Mage and they both open the door to great power. Summoners rely on their connection with nature to call up powerful, nightmarish beasts to fight for them, while Archmages utilize their vast knowledge of the arcane arts to rain pain and suffering on all who oppose them.

Benevolent Healers
The true heart and soul of a team, no one lasts long in a fierce battle without them. Healers are a fairly straightforward class, healing the wounded and dying, but their importance to the team can never be understated. Healers have a choice to either advance as a Priest, furthering their control of healing magic, or they can choose to follow the very essence of life itself, Nature, by becoming one of the mysterious Druids. Druids can shape-shift at will – either into an agile monkey, an elegant deer, or a sturdy bear. 

Read here all you need to know about Tales of Fantasy. And visit its official website.

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