We take a look at DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online - First look - EN

Today we invite you to take a look to a new video which shows the current state of DC Universe Online, the MMORPG where we can be a hero and ally ourselves with Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman or be a villain and join the Joker, Circe or Lex Luthor, and become a legend or the most infamous enemy of the DC Universe.

In this presentation we have chosen the bad guy route, and we decided that our character had a feline appearance with afro-style hair and we dressed him with a suit of the Joker. After defining its appearance we chose our class from a variety of villain archtypes, and to honor one of the most charismatic villains, we choose the Joker archetype, which equip us with two pistols, and several dangerous gadgets, giving us the ability to do damage both distance and melee.

As soon as you start the game, start a tutorial in which we are trapped in one of the Brainiac harvester ships (check out the official cinematic if you don’t know what the story to DC Universe is; it’s WELL worth it),and fight your way through a few mobs until you get to a final boss type fight at the end of the ships fighting alongside Lex Luthor. The combat is fast paced and relatively unchallenging given that it’s a tutorial, but the scene is set pretty well and the graphics are not too shabby.

After leaving the ship you end up in the Tap Room, a nightclub where the most dangerous villains of Gotham can gather, play pool, drink and dance... even the villains can take a night off right? In addition, here is where you'll start to meet allies, contacts and vendors and where you begin to receive missions.

Our first mission sends us out into the streets of Gothamto beat up on some cops and help out the gangster Falcone, one of the most popular villains in Gotham. After that we explore the basics of questing and combat and do some exploration of our own using the unique “Movement Mode” as we scale to lofty heights and glide from building to building with the greatest of ease.

So take a look at the video and see how we got on and make your own mind up about DC Universe Online, if you’re into your comic book heroes then we’d say this is definitely not one to miss out on.

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