Sword of the New World: new expansion

Sword of the New World today released the long awaited Volume 2 expansion of Echoes Of An Empire. In celebration of the expansion, Sword of the New World is offering a limited time 50 percent experience bonus for any players that login over the next week.

The newest extension of Sword of the New World offers numerous additions to this RPG world including:

- 2 New UPC’s (Ania and Hellena)
- New pets (Pigling piggy and Panpan panda)
- +5 Expert and +6 General Lacquers (to reinforce Constellation Swords and/or Expert Swords)
- A revamped Cash Shop and Feso Shop
- Brand new costume boxes, back costumes and hair costumes that players have been waiting for.

“The great thing about Free2Play online MMORPG’s is that we can roll out expansions with gamer requested content,” says Myra Widodo, Producer of Sword of the New World at GamersFirst. “We try to integrate parts of what we know will make the game run more smoothly and parts of what our gamers have requested over a period of time, making it a beneficial situation for both parties.”

Read here all you need to know about Sword of the New World. And visit its official website.

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