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Free to play MOBA




Primal Game Studio


Completely free to play Supernova is the next stage of MOBA giving players control of not only their own character but their own army of minions in the same fast paced three lane base attack gameplay. Working alongside and against other players the game offers challenging and strategic team based PVP, strong elements of customization and a variety of unique features.


  • Classic MOBA gameplay

  • 12 Commanders available with new ones constantly introduced

  • Outfit you own Army waves to fight alongside

  • Take down camps to get temporary alien and cyborg allies

  • Competitive and fast paced co-op strategy

  • Free to play


Supernova is a traditional style MOBA that allows two 5-man teams to go up against each other in a team based objective battle where both teams are tasked with pushing their troops into the enemy base to destroy their Auger. Using classical three lane maps players must navigate and fight past lane turrets, enemy waves and other players by controlling their Commander to assist their and their allies Armies. Gaining XP for kills players slowly level up through the duration of the game and unlock new abilities as well as increasing their attributes to make themselves more powerful. With both teams following the same objective players must learn to work together whilst balancing their offensive game with a defensive one.


The player Commanders are each divided up into two key factions: the Cyborgs and the Humans, a variety of different characters per side that players can choose from all with their own different attribute scores to signify their Attack Speed, Maximum Energy, Movement Speed and more as well as having a role that they typically fall into in battle: Tank, Brawler, Assassin, Caster, Support or Sniper. Each Commander has a variety of abilities that they can perform in battle:

  • Basic Attacks – Using the left mouse button Commanders can deal either ranged or melee damage to enemies, this does not use up any energy and can be performed continuously

  • Primary Attacks – Bound to the QWE keys these abilities represent the Commanders’ signature abilities ranging from AOE damage attacks, long range snipes, leaping hammer attacks or charge downs to drop enemies; these attacks all deplete a Commanders’ energy bar and have a cooldown in between use

  • Ultimate – A commanders most powerful personal skill with an extremely long cooldown, it takes a few levels to unlock this ability, but when it is then it can be a game changer on the battlefield unleashing deadly attacks or abilities with huge areas of effect

  • Evacuate – The Evacuate skill requires no energy and has no cooldown and once triggered will summon a personal ship after ten seconds, providing the call isn’t disturbed, that will evacuate the Commander back to their home base. Here players can replenish their health and energy as well as spend Attribute Points to increase their attributes and Mastery Points to increase Commander traits.

  • Deploy – Similar to Evacuate, but with a long cooldown, when at the home base Commanders can quickly return back to the frontlines using this ability that will call a ship to bring them to an allied structure (turret), player or Army unit

  • Allied Abilities – Similar to their Ultimate attack players can all choose Allied Abilities to be used in the battle, powerful abilities with an extremely long cooldown ranging from mass heal drones to the deadly “Piecemaker” missile strike that will obliterate enemy units and severely injure enemy Commanders


The biggest difference with Supernova and other MOBA is the minion wave metagame, where each Commander is responsible for acquiring resources to construct and outfit their own wave of minions/Army troops, to push down the lane. Players must learn to multi-task both controlling their player and maintaining their wave by upgrading it, acquiring new troops (ground and air) and monitoring the Armies window to see how their troops perform each wave against the enemy. As players level up they will gain access to better units to add to their Commanders arsenal making them an even deadlier force.


  • Operating System: Windows 7 or 8

  • Processor: Intel Dual Core2+

  • Memory: 2GB

  • Hard Drive Space: 3GB

  • Graphics: Nvidia GTX470 or higher

  • DirectX: 9.0c

Website: Supernova

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