Summer event for Rappelz

The Rappelz team has announced its epic summer event: Login to Win! From July 7th to August 12th, gPotato will be giving over $10,000 worth of prizes to its loyal Rappelz users. These prizes include premium cash shop items, gPotatoes and slick new iPads.

To win, all you have to do is log-in. Log-in once a week and play for an hour and you’ll receive a special weekly in-game prize. The more you play, the more there is to win. Every 5 days you log-in you will receive an extra prize on top of the weekly prize. Play for 35 days total, and you’ll be entered into a grand prize drawing for a chance to win premium in-game items, a stack of 5,000 gPotatoes, or a 32GB iPad!

 Weekly Prizes: Log-in for One Hour a Week to Receive a Weekly Prize!

You Will Receive: Log-in between:
Ice Skate (7 day) July 7th – 12th
Stamina Saver (no-trade) x2 July 13th – 19th
+10 Raptor Cape (15 day) July 20th – 26th
Ancient Horseshoe (7 day) July 27th – August 2nd
T-Pro (no-trade) August 3rd – 9th
Respec Pot (7 days) August 10th – 12th

 Special Prizes: Log-in for 5 Days or More to Receive These Special Prizes

Log-in a total of You will Receive:  
5 days Rest Tent (15 days) Stamina Saver (no trade) x5
10 days Dark Lydian (30 days) Stamina Saver (no trade) x5
15 days Rare Creature Box Stamina Saver (no trade) x5
20 days T-Protect (no-trade) Stamina Saver (no trade) x5
25 days Eye Patch (Perm) Stamina Saver (no trade) x5
30 days Sun Rabbit (Perm) Stamina Saver (no trade) x5
35 days Mystic Creature Box Stamina Saver (no trade) x5

Grand Prize Drawing
Prize Number of Winners
5,000 gPotatoes 8
iPad 2
T-Protect 50
Rebirth 50
 E-Pro (10) 20
Perf. Chaos Stone Package 50
E-Repair 20
SS(10) 20
Ninja Costume 20
Viking Costume 20
Archangel Wings 20
Fallen Angel Wings 20

Check here all you need to know about Rappelz. And visit its official website.

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