Sudden Attack has released a new video that shows its new mode, Hostage Rescue

Nexon America has released a new video of its MMOFPS, Sudden Attack, showing off its new mode, Hostage Rescue, that features model/gaming media personality Candace Bailey. The new mode includes a captive Candace Baily, who is being held in a glass cage, surrounded by her captors a bombs. A team must infiltrate the “Main Event” map, where Candace is being held, eliminate her kidnaper and disarm the bombs, all this while the clock is ticking toward an explosive ending.

The video is a mostly, live-action shoot featuring Candace Bailey caught up in a terrorist plot meant to shock the world. To introduce this new mode Nexon America is holding an event where the Sudden Attack solder with highest number of wins in the Hostage Rescue mode by July 18, 2012, will win an opportunity to meet Candace Bailey in person.

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