Star Wars: The Old Republic: The NEW PvP Huttball Warzone

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Today we take a look at the completely new PvP Huttball warzone that will make it into Star Wars: The Old Republic with the upcoming update 2.7.

The map will have an entirely different layout in comparison to the original Hutball map, featuring much more lethal traps and verticality, which forces players to climb up structures.

Queshball_1_854x480 Queshball_2_854x480

The pit looks like an upside-down pyramid with the end zone at the base nad the huttball at the apex. You will find grappling blasters you are able to use to thrust to the level above while acid pipes are placed throughout the whole map. Interacting with the magnetic grapple blaster tables allows you to rapidly reach the next level. These devices also grant a periodical immunity buff to "ballistic effects" like knockdowns, pulls and pushes while hindering you in holding the Huttball.

Queshball_3_854x480 Queshball_4_854x480

It appears to be something players will benefit from, that's for sure!

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