Star Supremacy has released some new improvement and updates

LeKool games has released some much needed improvement and content updates to its Space war themed browser game Star Supremacy. This new updates allows players an easier way to level up as well as more ways to raid and gain experience in the game.

New content includes:
- Levers of fortune added.
- Instance added.
- No more exp from Space Fortress
- Ship construction time reduced
- Fleets flying time adjusted--Beginners’ flying time shortened
- Colony resource production increased
- Commander energy recovery speed increased.
- New UI

Star Supremacy, is a strategic space simulation game, the player fights for dominance of the universe. Select your faction, you have planets to conquer, fleets to manage, new facilities to build, and exciting combat units to discover, with your battle squadrons spread out through the vastness of space with the mission to settle new planets and mine their raw ores. The player builds up an industrial infrastructure, constructs weapons factories and strong defensive fortifications, to get a strong offensive capability. Build a guild and conquer the universe together.

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