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Star Stable Horse Game

Star Stable is a MMORPG built especially for those with a passion for horses and games. Players will ride their own horse through the huge 3D world, customise their character and horse, compete in different races and competitions, chat and help each other through the interesting challenges, mysteries, and horse adventures the game has to offer.


According to a legend, Jorvik once was a lifeless rock in the middle of a dark and cold ocean until the day a star fell from the sky. From the impact of that star emerged a girl on a horse, shining from within with a glowing light. Majestically she rode across the surface of the ocean and her presence calmed the rough waters. When she placed the shining candle she held in her right hand in the middle of the dead island, light and life spread from that single flame and what once was cold and dark bloomed with light and warmth.

Jorvik has always had a unique bond with the horses that live on the island. Some people say that horses are the soul of the island. And the legend goes on telling that in a time of despair and darkness a girl on a horse will return to bring light and hope to those who think everything is lost…


  • Huge 3D world to explore on horseback

  • Amazing storyline

  • Lots of interesting activities to join

  • Focus on fun and safety for children

  • Constantly growing and evolving game experience

  • Weekly updates

  • Free-to-play content as well as subscription membership option


The game begins with players creating their character and designing their own virtual horse. They will have the choice between many different appearances for both their character and their horse. The character and horse they choose will be partners and will ride together through the huge 3D world of Star Stable. Players will meet many others on their adventures and can help each other through the interesting mysteries hiding in Jorvik.

Between solving mysteries and being a part of the amazing Star Stable story, players can compete in many different races and competitions, trying to get the best time among their friends or even the fastest time ever. Moreover, there are daily assignments available for the different stable groups with the help of which players may improve their reputation in these areas to gain access to special clothes and equipment for their horse.


While it is possible to play Star Stable for free, there are many features and exciting areas that require membership. Paying members of the Star Stable community are called “Star Riders”. They have access to the entire game world, including shops and all stories. Star Riders also receive a weekly allowance of 100 Star Coins to spend on stylish new clothes and bonus equipment.


  • OS: Windows XP (SP 2)/ Vista/ 7/ 8

  • Web browser

  • DirectX

  • Internet connection


World of Horsecraft AB


Internet browsers

Website: Star Stable

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Star Stable game

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14 Comentarios de Star Stable

  1. Jameson

    this game is stupid badly published and overall crappy, the graphics are complete crap. the world would be a better place with ought this game. this is a disgrace to all gamer, and i and my community frown apon player of this sort.

  2. Mr.Chicken Pants

    I agree with Jameson the game is pretty bad, and you have to keep paying if you want to keep your horses. you would take away a virtual house from a 4 year old! horrible

  3. Holly

    Star stables is a really nice game for those who like horses. Yes, boys do play this game. The best part about it is the entire storyline of it. I mean, the star stables team just released a new area for level 15 star riders (I think I may get membership to the game during Christmas or so).

    Graphics: Not the best in the world, but not the worst either: 3 out of 5 stars

    Plot/Storyline: Very rich and original! 5 out of 5 stars

    Cost for membership: Not too bad, you can get membership for life though (70$)! It’s free up to level 4 and at holidays (Christmas/Easter, Mother’s Day too I think) 3 out of 5 stars

    Community: Global chat has gone down a bit since I played last time, but people still chat. 4 out of 5 stars

    Overall I really like this game!

  4. ladyellesmere

    This game has its fair share of issues, but overall I love it.
    It has plenty of potential and i hope the creators learn how to better this game.

    I agree, that this game isn’t as good as others. But its still a decent game. An there’s no need to bad mouth players of this game. Especially since you can not spell nor use grammar properly. Mr Jameson. There are different breeds of gamers. Get over it

  5. Hannah

    First off, I love it! Though I wish member prices were a tad lower I think I’ll ask my parents for life time for my birthday. Non star rider isn’t too bad I have to do four daily races one quest a day and six chores a day. I wish there was more to do sometimes it’s not that bad. Championships and exploration keep us on our toes. Graphics are amazing, has to be the best virtual horse graphics ever. Mr Jameson you need to check out a lot of other horse games their all pixel or don’t even let you ride your horse. Star shine legacy have second best graphics but this and the star stable discs have the best horse game graphics. Mr Jameson really consider what your saying, because I don’t see how little pixelized or block horses are fun. Neither is it fun to stare at a picture of a horse and never ride it *cough* howrse *cough*. Okay enough of defending this amazing game lets talk pros and cons (more pros the cons ;))

    Hmm let’s start with
    The beginning is well explained, tells you what to do and how to ride.

    Quests are very well thought out and fun sometimes you have to wait a day but “when your away for longer your heart grows fonder” 😉

    Love the races! Easy to see where to go and you can beat your high score it also helps you learn how to control your horse better

    Chores consist of mucking, feeding, and watering. Take care of the stables and you will get some cha-ching which you can spend on tack, clothes… Wait a minute that’s for another section. Like right now!

    Shops have reasonably priced stuff for you and your horse. You can buy horses with star coins and you can buy tack with star coins and Jorvik shillings. Better tack and clothes increase speed and control over your horse so it’s easier to reach goals, high scores, and winnings. (If you win a place in a championship you will get money and receive it from mailboxes which can be found in each town).

    You can explore beautiful grassy lands and unlock them by doing quests (and being star rider).

    Star rider
    Star riders get a weekly amount of one hundred star coins. You can get a life time star rider for $69.95 pay once and never again. Star riders can own more then one horse get exclusive tack and clothes explore areas only for star rider and use the star rider stable at their main stable. They also can own their own riding clubs, and access a big indoor riding ring.

    I’m going to stop here. The rest is for you to figure out by creating an account and creating and naming character and horse (your character will be a girl as the plot revolves around a girl, plenty of boys play it too so it is for males as well and any age range. There are a lot of adults who play it’s not just a typical ‘kids game’ it’s truly special and fun. Enjoy! My username is Danielle Rivergarden you can add me if you want.) 😉 Enjoy!

  6. Josie

    This is an absolute wonderful game! It does have its moments like glitching into things, but overall is wonderful. It gives the full on experience of actually owning a horse and taking care of it. Yes, it sort of is a rip off with the membership and the star coins but that’s how games are now a days. I give this game five out of five. I really hope you consider playing this game, it’s not as bad as some people make it sound.

    My favorite part of the game is the majestic graphics and sounds. I also like the idea of it being an online social game. When you need help, you can just ask a chat!

    Try out the game, I really think it’s worth it!

  7. Chloe C.

    Star stable is the best game ever i have been playing it for 3 whole years! Im a lifetime star rider, and i have 5 lovely horses, The people are amazing on every server!

  8. Disgruntled

    This game is carefully designed to extract cash from the players. it requires a subscription in order to make progress after level 4, and then their is the in-game currency “star coins” which cost real money and are used to buy new horses, and some of the clothing etc. Of course everyone wants the different horse breeds but be prepared to throw money at your screen in order to get them – a decent horse can cost you between 10 and 20 pounds’worth of star coins. Its better to wait for the special offer weekends where you get double dibs on the currency, or let your weekly free coin allowance build up to buy the horse, otherwise you will find yourself spending a lot of cash.
    Aside from that, the game is.. below average. Cartoon graphics,you cannot play a male character, the quests are somewhat limited – theres only a small amount the game will let you do each day- but some of them are fun to do. But there are other things to do as well, you can run races to train your horse, championship races to compete against others, along with a few daily tasks and the chores involved in caring for your horse. The strength of the game is the horse riding, the animation and the control you have over your horse is pretty good, and is what makes the game worth playing. The worst thing about the game is the awful desktop launcher – which does not seem to be fully tested – and has a tendency to freeze, and can cause your machine to crash. Its a nasty piece of software. You can play via the browser, though, but it will not run on google chrome. Firefox and IE seem to work. But you will find that it is often laggy and unreliable. I have played this game for some time, but have recently given up on it because of performance issues and the feeling that I was not getting value for money.
    The target audience is young girls, and the community in the game reflects this, but there are a fair number of older adults, apart from fairly frequent teenage dramas the community is not bad.I’d say the game is worth a look if you like horse riding, but just hold on to your wallet.

  9. Imogen

    This game is pretty good but the problem is that it requires a lot of gameplay to get to the good stuff and it can be really boring and even if you are a star rider you have to be a certain level to get in so it make sense that you would give up this game I mean the people who have the big pony clubs and the good clothes have been playing since it came out which was almost 3 years ago!!!!!!!!

  10. Daria


  11. HorseLover1

    I played Star Stable a couple of years ago, quit the game, and now two years later I decided to re-join the game. Here are the pro’s and cons that I think everyone should really put into consideration.


    1) Good graphics
    2) Fun quests
    3) Nice tack & clothes

    1) Waste of money.
    2) Horses don’t look realistic at all.
    3) Avatars look like they had a bit too much plastic surgery.
    4) You can only play up to level 5 for free.
    5) Time consuming.
    6) You can walk & ride right through other players and horses.
    7) When you fall off a cliff (fairly high) you don’t die/get hurt.
    8) You can walk/ride right through bushes.
    9) You can only play at a female….no males.

    Overall, I don’t think Star Stable is the greatest game online. But, if you don’t care about wasting money, unrealistic-looking horses, unrealistic-looking avatars, spending lots of time, and not getting ‘hurt’ when you fall off of cliffs, then this game is perfect for you.

    There are other horse Wii games that you can buy either online or in-store that are a lot more realistic than Star Stable. Sure, the scenery may be good, but don’t you want the horses and your avatar to look realistic?

  12. jchorselover

    the grapics are great but very expensive. they charge you for everything. like you have to take your horse the the vet every month and pay 100 star coins for nothing. the horses are about 1200 star coins and they die easy. then the company does not even have customer support. when you have a problem with downloading, purchase, double star coin weekends or anything else. they just send you an email stating they will get back to you within 48 hours. I they do they you do not get anything resolved. so you email them again or call again and they still don’t reply or if they do you will get different excuses why something did not work but they do not help. they do not give you back your money. they do not

  13. Lake

    Well, I’ve been playing for four years. Overall- the game has improved. First, we’ll start with our bad things.

    Money. Yes. Money. The membership in this game is called Star rider, and if you’re not one, you’re limited to certain places and you lose your allowance of 100 star coins per week. Star Rider is fairly expensive, and if you want extra SC (star coins, calling star rider SR), you’ll be removing money from your wallet.

    Now, I know it isn’t their fault, but it’s the amount of people saying chew, yew, u, instead you. People also swear. Or try. For crying out loud, it’s a kids game. It’s not cool. And these people do not get suspended, sometimes.

    You can only play as a girl. Sexist. In the opening message, it says girls and BOYS. They do, do they? Where are the boys?

    I don’t really like the design of characters.

    Now, Good stuff.

    The graphics. Over all, it’s improved. The bug eyes horses have improved. Yeah.

    The storyline. It’s cheesy, but rather interesting. Only level 17, I enjoy this game.

    Finally, when. You run out of quests, the only way to earn money is..
    Racing. That doesn’t give too much, and yeah.

    Not the bestest game, but still, I like it, and everyone has their opinion. Lake, out.

  14. 3 Star Game some problems..

    Star Stable is fun and all but it is very time consuming and the charecter graphics look REALLY fake. (The horses too) Also membership??? What’s the point?! Your child will probably grow over Star Stable and you will waste your money. It is fun and entertaining but, they have to fix things. Overall 3 stars.

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