Star Conflict Adds Player to Player Trading

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StarGem Inc. and Gaijin Entertainment have announced today they have introduced a trading system to the Space Action MMO Star Conflict, allowing players to earn Gold Standards by selling rare items and resources to other players. Proceeds of the trades can then be used to purchase Premium accounts, Premium ships and, of course, items from other players.

Thanks to the new trading system, players can sell off the surplus items in their warehouse and speed up the process of creating new weapons, modules and even spaceships by acquiring the missing components from other players. This also includes unique event ships constructed from parts that are no longer obtainable in the game, like the ‘Dart’ and ‘Gargoyle’, which were only available during the New Year celebrations. Now, players that missed previous events still have the chance to add the rare and powerful ships to their hangars.

Also, players can look forward to this year’s April Fool’s events, which will see the arrival of a frightening biomorph virus, dangerous not only to pilots but to their ships as well. The mutations primarily target armament, causing a ship's weapons to gain more ‘maritime’ - crab-like - features. Time is of the essence, and players need to stop the infection before all of the ships and pilots themselves are affected!



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