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Developed by CyberStep for Windows.


Splash Fighters is a 3D action brawler MMO where players beat each other senseless with fists, bats, guns, bazookas, chainsaws, lightsabers and other weapons. With its cartoony graphics, 7 game modes, 12+ classes and extensive appearance customization, Splash Fighters may be a simple game but it packs quite a punch!


Fighter - Balanced in both speed and power. Special attack: Deadly Dance.
Soldier - Skilled in the use of weapons. Special attack: DD Dorian.
Spy - Fast and agile class with high technical expertise. Special attack: Rolling Shot.
Juggernaut - Strongest character that relies on brute force over weapons. Special attack: Juggerbreath.
Knight - Knights have the highest defense. Special attack: Flame Strike.
Telepather - Weak basic attacks but powerful psionic skills. Special attack: Psycho Garden.
Space Agent - Strong, fast, and feminine! Special attack: ZZ Beam Blade
Sumo Wrestler - Though they have low defense, their attack power is very high. Special attack: Limbo Drop.
Android - Consumes energy to preform powerful attacks. Special attack: Recharge.
Ninja - Quick and cunning, the Ninja uses stealth to his advantage. Special attack: Blade Palm.
Imp - Small and mischievous class with powerful jumping attacks. Special attack: Sprite Dance
Werebeast - High defense and the Wearbeast’s ability to transform himself make him a dreaded foe. Special attack: Sprite Dance / Wake Up.

[There are currently 25 classes in the Korean version so expect more clasases to be added to the English servers soon]


- Amped Dog Fight; players compete for the most amount of enemies defeated within the time limit. Currently 20 map available.
- Team Dog Fight; two teams compete for the most amount of enemies defeated within the time limit. Currently 20 map available.
- Amped Death Match; players fight it out free for all style, last man standing winds the round. Currently 23 map available.
- Team Death match; two teams battle it out, defeat all opposing players to win. Currently 23 map available.
- Amped Sports Match; complete a variety of objectives such as return the flag, break the ball and basketball. Currently 5 map available.
- Team Sports Match; work with your team to complete objectives like in Amped Sports Match. Currently 5 map available.
- 1on1 Death match; a duel between two players, 1 on 1 results won’t count towards your battle score. Currently 8 map available.


OS: Windows XP / Windows 2000
CPU: Pentium3 500MHz
RAM: 128MB
HDD: 400MB
Graphics Card: 64MB of video memory

Website: Splash Fighters

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