Sphere 3 Releases Forgotten Lands: Part 1

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Sphere 3: Enchanted world has announced its first add-on «Forgotten lands. Part I. Players are ready to meet new locations, world bosses, completely new castle and the set of new equipment.

The world of Sphere keeps growing, and previously unavailable lands become open to the players. Today to the South of Bristle fields of war the explorers can find a new location that is called “The Forgotten lands”. These half-rocky half-swampy lands may look peaceful and quiet, but that’s only an illusion. There are dangers on every step: the entire location is inhabited by various monsters of lever 45 and higher.

If your character is leveled enough, these monsters won’t be difficult to cope with. With the new add-on every player has a chance to raise their character level up to 50. Everyone can become stronger, to dive into new adventures and crush their enemies. By the way, those who want glorious victories, will need new weapons to protect themselves and to conquer the unexplored lands. The developers have added an impressive set of swords, maces, axes, staves, rods, bows and even naginatas.

There is also a new world boss — gargoyle Nerkor, who has the following abilities:
Parry incoming physical and magical attacks, returning all damage to the enemy;
Heal himself at certain stages of the fight;
Ignite the ground dealing damage and slowing down the enemies;
Hit several enemies at once with a chain strike and slow them down;
Summon lightning spheres that attack the closest enemies.

There are not only the monsters and quests that await players on the new territories, there is also the castle called In’Kaliat, which is a completely new piece of architecture totally different from any other castle in Ericuria. Wise management, defensive capabilities and constant vigilance, that are the main problems for the castle owner, are compensated with the items of the highest level that can be obtained here. New castle has got 5 banners that should be risen by brave heroes. But it’s the task quite hard to perform – the guards are really powerful this time. The castle has level 50, and it should be captured in 1 hour 15 minutes. The owner of In’Kaliat can get equipment and potions of level 50, a mount and a castle blessing.

While leveling the character, player can learn more about the game story — there is a bunch of interesting quests waiting for you on the hard way from level 45 to 50.

«Exciting and dynamic PVP-action keeps picking up steam! This add-on gives our players the chance to explore new territories, complete different quests, get new level-cap, capture the castle and gain a great political force, — says CEO of NIKITA ONLINE Stepan Zotov. — We hope that battles in Forgotten lands will attract armies of heroes and massive sieges of In’Kaliat will leave their mark in history of Sphere».



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