Soul of the Ultimate Nation: latest update

WEBZEN Inc. (NASDAQ: WZEN) has released the latest update for ‘Soul of the Ultimate Nation (Global S.U.N)’. The update includes update schedule for the first quarter 2010 adding ‘Aiort Graveyard’, a neglected graveyard and a deserted castle which has been abandoned for hundreds of years since the lord of Aiort had fallen. All the updates above are expected on March 29.

After the Roshufelt War, the emperor of Geist Empire, Schwartz Pramme took over the area. Only the dead exist in ‘Aiort’ now to await the players who choose to take up the challenge. More than one hundred quests will be added to ‘Aiort Graveyard’ and existing regions. In addition, the character level cap will be raised to 115 from the previous maximum level of 100. Players can now pursue to gain higher abilities in the fantastic world of ‘Global S.U.N.’.

WEBZEN also plans to introduce various add-on features.
- Personal Waypoint System to enable players to easily move one point to another for fast-paced game play.
- Group System for players help one another providing a family-like bonding structure and benefits.
- ‘Shield Points’ to absorb more damages in certain situation.

Besides, to celebrate the major update, WEBZEN plans to have a giveaway event for all users. Everyone that has characters in Global ‘S.U.N.’ will receive in-game cash items. Players that achieve high level ranking and high A.C (Area Conquest) completion rate in ‘Aiort Graveyard’, the new field area, will receive rare pet items.

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