Soul Master in Europe

Gamigo announced its latest free-to-play MMORPG: Soul Master, a unique mixture of online action role-play and real-time strategy.

"We are excited to announce that we will be the exclusive European publisher of Soul Master," says gamigo executive board member Patrick Streppel. "Soul Master provides a unique gameplay experience that combines strategy and role-play, fitting perfectly into our broad portfolio of free-to-play online games."

In Soul Master, three rival factions battle for the right to rule the realm of Elamond. The game is entirely mission-based: Cities act as meeting points for players to interact and trade with others and as a starting-point to set out on missions together. NPCs have many adventures ready for players to begin, either alone or with a group. The aim of these missions is more than just commanding your character and mastering your weapon, resources need to be captured and used to build a base and amass a powerful army.

Players looking to fight real opponents rather than a computer can prove their mettle against other Soul Masters in PvP (player vs. player) battles, with guild wars being an absolute highlight. Soul Master will be offered as a free download and the European release is expected for the third quarter of 2010. In line with gamigo's free-to-play gaming vision, Soul Master will be totally free to play - no subscription fees whatsoever.
Soul Master's features at a glance:

Action-packed online role-playing game with real-time strategy elements:

- 3 factions (Valiant, Harmony, Holy)
- 6 character classes
 -18 units, each with their own abilities
- 33 building classes
- Single and multi-player missions
- Boss raids
- PvP battles
- Captivating guild wars
- Instant replay
- Pet system

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