Soldier Front 2 has beginned its closed beta

Aeria Games has announced that Soldier Front 2, its newest MMOFPS, has beginned its closed beta after ending a tremendously well-received limited Early Access period. In addition, they have announced its partnership with several competitive gaming leagues like the Unified Competitive Gaming, the Logic Gaming, and the USF United, to help support Soldier Front 2 in the eSports scene.

"With refined gameplay and unique offerings like the MOBA-style Hero mode, we think Soldier Front 2 reinvigorates the FPS genre," said Tom Nichols, Vice President of PC Games, Aeria Games. "We're very happy that our players had such a blast in Early Access, and are excited to get even more in the game for closed beta."

SF2 eSport RW1 SF2 eSport RW2 SF2 eSport RW3 SF2 eSport RW4 SF2 eSport RW5 SF2 eSport RW6

Source of information: Aeria Games press release.


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