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Developed by Bigpoint for Internet browser.


Soccer manager is a browser, management based game where you take on the role of manager and trainer of your soccer team. The complexity of your role in the various task areas is a major part of the game: Besides choosing the training and team lineup, you are also responsible for the individual development of each game character, the construction of the stadium and adjacent buildings, such as hotels, car parks, McDonald's, etc., insurance, personnel issues and merchandising.


On the playing field, it is really important to always keep a step ahead of your opponent and in order to do this you need a real strategy. But even this is no problem for a real manager, because this is where you can adjust your team's behavior. The perfect strategy so that your team has the greatest degree of success.

Every change made to the six different strategy parameters can have a large effect on the performance of the players. You'll have to find out for yourself to see what kind of effect this can have.


In the World Cup the teams who have qualified will play against the other teams in groups of four; these teams then play in a KO system with the very best teams. In every group of four, each team will play against the other and the two best teams will advance to the next round. If there is a tie for 2nd and 3rd place, the difference in goals will be used to determine the final standings.


Internet connection and Java.

Website: Soccer Manager

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