Soccer fever kicks off in Karos Online


From today until July 7th, players can collect soccer balls while hunting monsters in Karos Online. Exchange 5 balls to receive one of six different combat-enhancing potions, or turn in 20 for a cool limited-edition soccer uniform. There are three uniform styles in all, each with a useful speed and/or attack buff. If you want that extra edge against your rivals, then get into Karos now and get hunting. Don't drag your feet - on July 7th your chance for gear will disappear!

Also starting today, guild masters are now able to forge an alliance with one other guild. Guild alliances are formed by mutual consent, and the benefits include sharing of selected privileges to assist with guild PvP, and a cross-alliance chat option. Wise players know that unity brings strength, and now it's even easier for Karos guilds to strategize and cooperate... which is fortunate, because the Great War is escalating. Something huge is looming on the horizon, and very soon it will arrive to break the weak, glorify the worthy, and transform the battlefield.

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