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Developed by Numix Entertainment for Windows.


Slapshot is a free to play 'street-Hockey' MMOG. It is a thrilling combination of sport and roleplay. The fast, team-focused gameplay will require all your skills and attention to beat your opponent on the field and level up your character. Before jumping into the deep end, you can train and learn the basic moves in the rookie channel. When you are prepared, face thousands of hockey players from all over the world and prove your worth.


Slapshot is easy and intuitive; by the time you’ve finished the tutorials and had an explore around the menu system, you’ll be an expert.

There are few rules in Slapshot. There are no consequences if you go in for a hard tackle or maybe start a small fight… the important thing is you score the most goals in four minutes! It’s your opponent’s own fault if they can’t take a beating – use physical strength to your advantage.

The Bully will be conducted at the beginning as well as after every goal. By pressing different keys (see the tutorials), you perform a number moves in order to win the puck. But be careful, you don’t know what the other guy is doing! Be prepared.

You move your player with the four arrow keys. Obviously, that’s not the end of it – but that is what tutorials are for! Listen carefully to your coach. He’ll be able to give you some top tips, like how to check and sprint. Then at the end of the match, perhaps, you’ll be the last one standing.


The Centre is not only the main goal-scorer but is also key to pushing the game forward. They try to position themselves in front of the goal – so they can take passes from their teammates. If necessary the centre can play defensively, but is at a disadvantage compared to defenders or wingers

Wingers are fast. They go smashing in for surprise goal attempts as well as assisting the centre. Their speed and agility mean they are the first line of defence if the opposing team tries to break through.

These players are really strong. They do not move very fast, but once they reach the attacking players, they will destroy them with pure momentum. If necessary, they can also try to score a goal with risky long-range shots.


You start the game by creating your very own character. Over the course of the game, you’ll train it up, increase its level and get it the right equipment to outperform your opponents. It doesn’t matter if you are a strong defender, a superfast winger or if you play the game as a centre, you will learn the basics quickly in our rookie channel. After that, you’ll be ready to enter the toughest hockey league of the world and prove your worth against the thousands of other players and clubs from all over the world.


Operating System: Windows XP or Vista
Processor: Pentium 4 1.4GHz
Main memory: 512 MB RAM
Graphic Card: Geforce FX5200 or equivalent
Direct X: DirectX 9.0c
Sound: DirectX-compatible Soundcard
Internet: Broadband
Harddrive: 640MB
Video: Windows Media Player 7

Website: Slapshot

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