Skylancer – Battle for Horizon has received today an extensive content patch

Skylancer – Battle for Horizon has received an extensive content patch. In addition to new adventures on the moon, the players get to embark on exciting quests and acquire several new airships straight from the shipyards of Horizon.

The current update once again focuses on the moon: new raid missions and rewards make the satellite even more appealing to adventurers. Players can reach their destination by collectively building a moon tower for their faction before taking on a series of challenging quests against threatening mechanical creatures on the surface of the moon. As a reward, players receive valuable objects such as legendary weapons and rare moon crystals which can be used to buy equipment from the shop.

The patch also includes a dozen new quests on Horizon itself, providing plenty of variety for players at both low and high levels. Six additional missions up to level 15 await new and experienced Skylancers, as well as nine more quests for levels 20 through 40.

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