Skyforge Gameplay Commentary

Skyforge - First look headlogo - EN

Last week, we were fortunately enough to be granted the opportunity to participate in the closed beta testing of Skyforge, the new MMO RPG that Obsidian Entertainment is developing in cooperation with Allods Team. Featuring breath-taking visuals and 3 available classes to choose from, the title thrusts players into a world where fantasy meets sci-fi where they find themselves as Immortals rising to become a greater god.

When taking a first glance at the game, we played through the initial stages of gameplay to find out what Skyforge has to offer. After checking out the opening tutorial, which gives a brief introduction into your character’s origin, character creation and combat, we were able to benefit from the ability to switch between classes and sampled two of them to find out how they played. Watch the video to get to know how we handled ourselves and feel free to share your thoughts on this game with a comment.

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