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GAME TYPE: Free to play Strategy Building-Farming RPG
PLATFORMS: Internet Browser and Mobile Device


A free to play colour 3D RPG adventure with a focus on gathering resources, managing your time, completing quests and advancing through a story guided title where players can establish, expand and enhance their own farmstead on a mystical floating island. SkyDale is browser game that can be accessed without the need of a client download, players can continue their journey on mobile devices by downloading the free app.


- Gather hundreds of resources
- Craft hundreds of items including food, furniture and tools
- Build up your skills
- Explore new areas and meet new characters
- Quest driven content
- Build your own homestead with buildings, farmland and animals
- Browser and mobile accessibility
- Completely free to play


SkyDale is primarily a farming simulator style title that focuses on players having to gather resources, create items and use them to complete quests and level up in turn giving them access to improved resources and recipes. A self-sufficient nature to the game allows players to gather the rudimentary resources that they need as a baseline for creating everything else in the game such as seeds can grow plants, harvesting plants give fruits, fruits can be turned into foods.


Items can provide various functions, ranging from being used to simply complete quests with NPC quest givers asking for specific items to be made, or used by the player to help advance their homestead, for example, creating tools that will help them gather more resources or decorations that can be used to add a cosmetic aesthetic element to your homestead. Players can even complete various events in the game such as gathering all sorts of needed materials to repair a rundown bridge that when complete allows the player to access a new area of the island.

As well as being used players are also able to sell their constructed items to the NPC Vendor, in return they can earn Florins currency, which they can then spend on various other items, recipes, missing ingredients for other creations and more. With baseline items such as dirt and water being sellable it means players always have the potential to make an income, and even have the building blocks to create the most basic tools that in turn will allow them to gather more valuable resources.


Depending upon the different gathering tools a player uses, with different tools required for different resource nodes, players will over time earn skill points in that particular skill and level it up. Levelling up one of the different gathering skills will improve the player’s efficiency with that particular skill, allowing them to get a greater yield of resources from a single node. Players also have Crafting and Building skills that allow them to create various items or even structures to place on their island.


The game provides a structured story element that players will have to advance through, although at stages the game provides a sandbox open world element allowing players the freedom to collect whatever resources they wish and create whatever items they like, the questing system is the main way to progress. Completing quests provides XP and also unlocks new quests to help advance, find new areas, and generally unlock new features.


When gathering resources or performing some other actions players will use up their Energy, starting initially with 20 Energy in total, every action can take up 1 or more Energy to complete. Energy will refill by 1 point every ten minutes, meaning that after some aggressive gathering players can quickly use up all their energy and have to stop playing the game until it replenishes naturally. A quicker and more preferable option is to create, or have a constant supply of, food that will recover spent Energy quickly.


As well as food players can also replenish their missing Energy by using Elixirs, a premium item purchased with real money but also earned in game through levelling up and some other features. This resource can be used to speed up timers to construct things more quickly, purchase missing ingredients for a recipe or refresh the cooldown on a resource so that it can instantly be used again.


Internet Browser and Mobile Devices

Website: SkyDale

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