Silkroad Online: start of spanish language service

Joymax today announced the start of Spanish language service for Fantasy MMORPG Silkroad Online. To celebrate, Joymax has also kicked off a community event lasting until May 11 which features three contests with real-world and in-game prizes. Spanish players of Silkroad Online can sign up from today for the chance to win t-shirts, USB drives, video cards, and more.

For a shot at prizes in the main contest, new users just need to share their thoughts about the game at the official Silkroad Online site. Joymax will randomly select from the posts and award the winning players with prizes that include hats, t-shirts, USB drives, and posters. New Spanish users looking for more of a challenge should start adventuring as soon as possible, as the second contest dares players to reach level 40 with a new character before May 11. Joymax will choose ten winning characters to receive a reward of 20,000 skill points!

For the final contest, Spanish players can earn increasing numbers of lucky coupons during the event period by making Silk purchases of varying sizes at the Item Mall. Each coupon they earn improves their chances at winning additional Silk, as well as real-world prizes that include an iPod and a brand-new video card.

Check here all you need to know about Silkroad Online. And visit its official website.

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