Silkroad from Russia with love

Joymax announced Silkroad's commercial service has been launched in Russia partnering with Astrum Online Entertainment.

Astrum has added Skilroad to its lineup since last June and operated Closed Beta and Open Beta (OBT) tests in last November and December respectively. Astrum announced "more than 130,000 users registered during OB. The number surpassed that of Perfect World which has shown the sustainable revenue and the high number of concurrent user. So we have high hopes for Skilroad,"

"This is the first time for Joymax to enter the market outside of Asia. I have nothing but great respect for the Russian publishing partner, Astrum. I am looking forward to working with Astrum for Silkroad," said Chan Woong Jeon, a CEO at Joymax. Starting with its commercial service, Joymax prepares major updates for the second and third quarter and marketing support for the localized operation.

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Visit the official website of Silkroad.

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