Silent Hunter online begins its Open Beta

Ubisoft and Blue Byte have announced the start of the open beta of its browser based Free-to-Play submarine simulation game Silent Hunter online. With the beginning of open beta players from around the world can become submarine commanders during the second world war, and participate in the Battle of the Atlantic.

In the game players can hunt down enemy convoys, manage their personal flotillas and take part in dynamic campaigns. Silent Hunter Online has a strong multiplayer component, because every mission in the game can be played cooperatively.


Silent Hunter Online is based on a powerful graphics engine. Ocean waves and the vastness of the sea are being displayed in stunning 3D, without the need to install a game client. All in-game ship models are rendered in full detail and thus provide an unforeseen level of visual realism. Dynamic weather effects, authentically simulated waves and changing daytimes ensure gameplay variety during missions and create an immersive atmosphere. Impressive environmental effects like dense walls of fog, strong swell, stormy rain showers or idyllic sunsets on the open sea further enhance the gameplay experience. Thanks to an advanced particle system, battles at sea feature spectacular explosions, fire and smoke effects.


Source of information: Ubisoft press release

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