Shaiya Spanish Begins Open Beta

Aeria Games officially announced today that the highly anticipated Spanish-language version of Shaiya has entered Open Beta. The game is the publisher’s first title to reach this major milestone. To celebrate the event, Aeria Games plans to host a leveling contest, awarding 1,000 Aeria Points (AP) to the first 100 players to reach Level 40 on Hard Mode or above.

The title enjoys immense popularity across the world, and has already established a large following in Spanish-language territories.

Players who participated in Closed Beta will be receiving a gift package of items, including a Beta Ring, Knockout Nostrum, and several XP stones and competences. The winners of the previous ranking contest will be announced on the official Shaiya Spanish site.

Read here all you need to know about Shaiya.

Visit the official website of Shaiya and the spanish official website of Shaiya.

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