Shaiya releases its seventh episode, the Iron Invasion

Aeria Games has announced the arrival of the anticipated seventh episode of Shaiya called Iron Invasion, which brings lots of new enemies, zones and features to the game. This update bring to the game a dangerous horde of mechanical monsters that ravage everything on their path and which have to be stopped by the players.

Players will discover the zone known as Stable Erde has been changed, and some of its subzones are now Battlegrounds for players of all levels, also the area is infested by all kinds of mechanical monsters led by 4 menacing world bosses. The update also adds a new dungeon nemed The Infinite Sanctuary which offers five levels split into ten stages each, in which players are given varying goals such as killing all enemies, surviving for a specified period of time, and destroying target objectives.

Shiya epi7 RW2 Shiya epi7 RW3

The new episode also brings the new Chaotic Square crafting system, allowing players to synthesize all kinds of items, as well as a new color dye system which gives players the opportunity to customize the appearance of their gear.

Shiya epi7 RW4 Shiya epi7 RW5

Source of information: Aeria Games press release

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