Shaiya: 1500 spanish closed beta keys

Yesterday, Aeria Games announced the closed beta of Shaiya in spanish. Today, we are offering 1500 keys through Closed beta will be up till february 10th, when Open beta will be launched. Each player will recieve a pack of gifts, which includes a ring, a trueshot potion, xp stones and more things. The four players with the highest level in closed beta stage will earn what you can read below:

- First place: 10,000 AP and a rare pet
- Second place: 7,500 AP and a rare pet
- Third place: 5,000 AP and a normal pet
- Fourth: 2,500 AP and a normal pet

You only need to click on the link over the image below to get your key.

Read here all you need to know about Shaiya.

Visit the official website of Shaiya.

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