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Wulven Game Studios has reached their goals in a crowdfunding campaign to begin the development of 'Shattered Fates', the upcoming expansion of Shadow Era, their free-to-play online collectible trading card game.

Since the launch of the game, this has grown to be one of the largest and most active trading card game in the world, thanks to its deep strategic experience, easy gameplay and gorgeous art. The game currently has more than 350 cards, and the expansion will add 200 new cards, including 10 new heroes, is going to improve the game's interface, the auction system, the campaign mode and will feature a new and improved deck builder, new player profiles, guilds, leagues and an automated tournament system

Shadow Era RW1

The game setting is based around the medieval world of Balor. In Call of the Crystals, the inhabitants discovered magical shadow crystals with great power, but using them led to the appearance of strange creatures that began to overrun the land. Following that came Dark Prophecies, in which players learned more about the nature of the crystals and the invadingShadows. This is where the new 'Shattered Fates' expansion picks up and continues the story of the battle for Balor...

Source of information: Wulven Game Studios press release.

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