SG Interactive is ringing in the summer with unique in-game opportunities for its games

SG Interactive is ringing in the summer with unique in-game opportunities across its three anime-inspired casual MMOG's. Grand Chase: Heroes players can experience a new max-level dungeon, Trickster Online gamers can instantly advance as many as 100 levels and Pangya players will see a new web-based board game that provides adventuring golfers with unique in-game items and prizes.

Summer is a time best experienced outdoors, but even the most active person needs a break from the summer heat. For that we’re offering three new game additions to our popular casual gaming lineup,” said Claire Lee, casual games studio producer for SG Interactive. “Grand Chase, Trickster Online and Pangya each offer gamers a unique play experience without having to commit the time required by most MMO’s on the market today.

By introducing new content, new ways of quick progression and interesting in-game reward systems, we can reward our dedicated players and introduce our easy-to-play but hard-to-master games to a new audience,” Lee added.

In the exciting and action-packed world of Grand Chase: Heroes, the Wizard’s Labyrinth is summoning only the highest-trained magical knights of the realm to offer players new rewards in support of their ongoing quest to vanquish evil from the land. This new level 80 dungeon pits players against 30 stages of enemies magically pulled from the dungeon battles of the past as stronger, more powerful threats, all building to the final showdown with the mysterious Kassias Grandiel. Knights with enough skill, stamina and persistence will be rewarded with new armor, weapons and items, should they be victorious in the land of Archimedia.

On July 25th, Trickster Online players will be greeted with a non-player character that has power to share with new and low-level players. GM Sunny of the Eagle Clan will be offering the very first Trickster Online Fast-Track power up. Players only need to level up a character to 30, or have an existing character between 30-129 and GM Sunny will magically advance the character to level 130. This opens up two new in-game job perks and provides new and current players with high-quality items and equipment to match their new status.

As the summer heat starts to wind down, Pangya Tomahawk players can hit the links with bonus clubs, comets and power-ups thanks to the new interactive web board game, Summer Island Tour. Set to launch in the month of August, players can win treasure dice while playing their favorite courses. With these tokens, users advance in the Summer Island Tour web board game, with a chance to gain hard-to-get items, sure to be highly sought-after by all.

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