SG Interactive and G4BOX Inc. have announced today that they have entered into a strategic partnership

SG Interactive and G4BOX Inc. have announced today that they have entered into a strategic partnership introducing their high-quality free-to-play games to a combined global audience of nearly 20 million registered users.

To celebrate the cementing of this free-to-play industry first relationship, members of G4BOX's Z8Games platform can scoop up a GameRage bundle of in-game items valued at more than $40.

"The partnership between SG Interactive and G4BOX was a natural one, given we both have regional versions of CrossFire and are both dedicated to delivering the highest quality games to our audiences," said Jungsoo Lee, vice president of live production for SG Interactive. "By bringing together our audiences, we get to increase our player base immensely and offer new, engaging free-to-play games."

CrossFire & CrossFire Europe are regional versions of the popular fast-paced military combat shooter pitting two competing mercenary forces, the Global Risk and the Black List, fighting for strategic advantage in a war-torn world. Developed by SmileGate, CrossFire is the largest first-person online shooter in the world with more than 3.7 million concurrent users globally. Players can choose a side, select their equipment load-out, and battle in different gameplay modes: Escape, Team Death Match, Elimination, Search and Destroy, Mutation, Ghost, Biohazard and Predator modes.

Grand Chase: Heroes is a side-scrolling action MMORPG brawler game where players take on the role of magical knights fighting against a world under constant threat. Gamers can battle alone or group up and fight monsters in dungeon lairs to acquire experience, unlock new skills and new items. Alternatively, players can battle each other in physical and magical combat as one-versus-one or three-verses-three matches in either survival or team battle mode.

Metin2 is a massively multiplayer RPG that features a unique dynamic fighting system, four playable character classes, and a strong story line set in an ancient Asian-influenced world setting. Players assume the role of heroes of the land, banding together to unlock the secret of the mysterious Metin meteors that fell from the heavens many years ago.

Pangya United is a deep and challenging golf game wrapped in an anime-style magical world of Pangya Island. Gamers explore the 18 challenging courses as they play solo or challenge friends online in one of the five different modes: Versus, Tournament, Family, Ghost and Battle.

Project Blackout is an online first-person tactical shooter pitting players against each other in a wide variety of game modes. Testing gamers' skills with fast-paced action, precision shooting, and twitch response times, Project Blackout also immerses them into the never-ending struggle with detailed graphics, surround sound, camera effects, and game-dedicated low-lag servers, adding to the realistic gaming experience.

Trickster Online is an anime-style massively multiplayer online role playing game set on a fantasy island in the Pacific Ocean. Players are challenged to solve mysteries, discover new friends and attempt to reach the game's level cap of 400 for the chance to earn Don Cavalier's massive fortune.

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