Seven Souls Online has started its Open Beta

NEOWIZ GAMES has started the open beta for its a combat MMORPG Seven Souls Online, set in the fantasy world of Akkadia. In addition to raising the player level cap to 40, the open beta also introduces an entirely new in-game zone called Dragonscale Valley, and introduces open-world player versus player (PVP) combat.

In Seven Souls Online, fans unleash their inner demon in a fantasy world that combines ancient East and West, as well as elements of science-fiction. Players can choose from three character classes, the magic-enhanced Manatech Rebel, the savage Imperial Guard and the cunning Exiled Avenger, then fight their way through vast armies of enemies to defeat the mana-hungry Elysians.

Open beta also will feature events such as:

- The Best of the Best Contest – With the brand new level cap, NEOWIZ GAMES is rewarding the first ten players to reach level 40 with their choice of heroic weapon. But the journey won’t be easy, as open-world PVP kicks in at level 31.
- The Famous Character Creation Competition – One of the unsung heroes of Seven Souls Online is the robust character creator. To highlight this feature, NEOWIZ GAMES will give away the “afro+sunglasses” vanity item to the 10 players that submit the best screenshots of recognizable, “famous” characters, and the ZEN guard costume to the entry with the most votes.

"During closed beta we received great feedback from our testers and worked closely with the developer to ensure that in-game changes were made promptly," said John Nam, COO of NEOWIZ GAMES, Inc. "As we move into the next phase with open beta and the introduction of PVP, we’ll continue to consider every player suggestion to make sure the game reflects what the community wants.

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  1. Mishy

    Character customization is my fashion,I’m currently making my own piece.Making my character to be like my favorite cosplayer, when your about in the game they added also feature like famous character creation competition.

  2. adOraBleGrandy

    I have read a lots of forum article about the game, but what I have read they have powerful character class and it seem I like all of those.Not yet tried but for now I downloading the client.

  3. SkyScrapper

    Decent quest and good rewards, they have this “resting bonus” and based on my observation :
    quest monster level 10 : 100 EXP
    non quest monster level 10: 125 EXP
    meaning bigger exp on non quest monster appropriate for your level,
    well this is new for a game exp system,. and a pretty good one, since you’d be able to level up your character, and have less of a grind.

  4. 5thCharles

    The game may start a bit off at first but keep playing and it will start to grow on you. Game opens up as your character progresses even more. Soon you’ll be playing a roulette that rewards you with experience, items,and gold; a pretty interesting card system; and an engaging crafting or smithing system.

  5. NeverCrazy

    It’s been a while since I last played a free-to-play mmorpg, so I really felt a bit underwhelmed when I first entered Seven Souls Online. Luckily that feeling was slowly replaced by genuine enjoyment and fascinated towards the game. SSO has impressive volume of available quests which makes you grind less, decent combat “combo” system, and the high-level character customization.

    To F2P gamers this one is definitely worth checking out.

  6. Vertigo

    Heard this game from a friend and after checking out some related articles and gameplay videos, I finally decided to try it out. So far I really liked experience with this game. Seven Souls Online has some pretty cool game features which will all be completely available at around level 18, so you just have to give this game time to grow on you first. Then after that, Akkadia will be your ultimate playground.

  7. Tao_Ren

    The things I liked about Seven Souls Online include:

    (1) Cube System for dismantling, combining and copying items which can be used in item enchantments and enhancements.
    (2) Combo-based battle system.
    (3) Varied and abundant quests to keep you busy for hours.
    (4) In-depth character customization and creation feature.
    (5) Card and chance reward roulette system.
    (6) Massive map.

    This is a free to play title definitely worth checking out.

  8. Manatech_Scholar

    Just a heads up. Did you guys know that Seven Souls Online has already got its commercial release last March 28, 2012? Yes, the game now has a fully integrated and working Billions (Cash) Shop which is a pretty standard fare in Free-to-play mmorpgs.

    For those looking for a new international f2p mmorpg with interesting features, then check out Seven Souls Online.

  9. Greek

    Great game. A bit meh at first but after about 10-15 minutes or so, it really does grow on you like the others here say. The longer you play, the better it gets. I’ve played so many MMOs over the years, and seriously, man, this is a keeper. The music is amazing, you get so immersed in the world and the combat is so satisfying. I haven’t been this excited over a game in ages.

  10. Dissappointed

    I loved this game until I hit level 40 Then it became a painful grind.

    Pros: Great character creation, Beautiful environments, Good music, great play styles, powerful classes. One of the few games that will allow you to create a character of any race.

    – The Cons; Lots of glitches and bugs and they do not seem inclined to fix them any time soon. Very few people playing and lots more quitting. Classes are gender locked, Only one armor skin per level per class. Once you pick a character you only get one weapon type, When you get to level 39 there are very few quest so the only way to level is to kill mobs for very little xp. Or find a repeatable quest that gives very little gold and very little xp. Usually only one repeatable quest per map. Also the world is small. Not too may maps. Finding a group is very hard because there are so few players. You are lucky to get into a dungeon and killing world bosses past level 30 is out of the question. When you kill a world boss with 20 or more people only 4 gets credit and drops because only the group with the highest DPS gets credit for the kill,(4 people per group)

    – Up until level 30 this was the best game I have ever played. After level 30 it was just plain lame. I say 30 because once you hit 31 you pretty much get farmed by certain high level players who just kill you for sport. When they kill you, you lose lots of XP and it is expensive to buy the xp back. At level 31 pvp is not optional. I was never attacked by someone my level it was always someone in the high 40s or a lvl 50. I see no sport in that but it happens a lot.

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