Second Anniversary of Echo of Soul

In May 2015, Echo of Soul was released in Europe and North-America for our greatest pleasure! It’s time to celebrate the 2nd anniversary with a special Pori Quiz Event! Do you know everything that happened during those two years? Answer the Poris, prove your loyalty and win awesome rewards!

The event is taking place in Bernicia, next to the central fountain. Mr. Stakes provides a repeatable quest that consists in answering correctly questions about Echo of Soul history. Complete the quest, earn the OX Quiz Coin that can be exchanged for different rewards from NPC Mr. Stakes.

- Special achievements are available in-game and unlock unique titles once completed.
- Mr. Stakes allows you to trade your OX Quiz Coin for a wide variety of rewards, such as the Alchemist Virtuoso Scroll, the Rare Healing Potion Box, the Blue Angora pet or the Grey Stallion.
- NPC Poriddler appears every two hours in-game to ask a question to the Soulkeepers in Bernicia. Players have to stand on the correct panel to provide their answer, a blue circle (o: for yes) and a red cross (x: for no).

Infinite Dungeon Stage 7
There will be a new Infinite Solo Dungeon stage, allowing you to obtain items from level 181 to 187:

- Infinite Dungeon (Solo - Stage 7): equipped item level +1400

Doomspire Keep Update
- Legendary gloves item level 193 are now available in floor… We will let you discover this by yourself.
- Synergy system (additional stats) activated when players equip legendary helmet, legendary gloves and legendary weapon simultaneously.
- Discover the Steam Punk Magic Lamp which contains rare items such as the Dwarven Mech, the Dwarven War Mech, the Dwarven Steampunk Mech, the Deluxe Bag, the Primo Pink Piglet - 30 Days!


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