Season 3 – Bricksaga arrives to Brick-Force

With Season 3 - Bricksaga, Infernum today releases a huge update containing many changes and new content for its sandbox shooter Brick-Force. Not only new interactive Bricks, impressive medieval weapons and costumes have been added, the Item Shop and the level progression have been revised as well. Along with other new features, improved match assignments and regularly unlocked equipment now make up for a unique gaming experience.

A brand new trailer presents the new opportunities of  Season 3 - Bricksaga:

"Brick by brick - our players create countless new maps every day, fight action-packed matches for victory and ensure that Brick-Force stays No.1 among the sandbox shooter," says Daniel Ullrich, Chief Operating Officer at Infernum Productions AG. "We expect hundreds of thousands of new matches in the first few weeks and are pleased that we can contribute to that. With Season 3 - Bricksaga we bring many new features, costumes and weapons in the game. New game modes, and the medieval theme make for a completely new setting. Thus, Brick-Force has become another world again. It is particularly important for us to make the game more fair and beginner-friendly together with the community, which is the first step we want to achieve with Season 3. Our goal is more fairness and more fun - brick by brick!"

The update opens new opportunities for players: They now have powerful and magical weapons such as crossbows and wands at their disposal. New stylish outfits and many more matching accessories allow for dressing their characters in a medieval style while numerous new banners, flaming torches and wooden planks set any arena in the appropriate medieval light.

Thanks to the use of interactive Bricks and different portals, each match receives a previously unknown dynamic and variety. New doors, trap doors and spike traps also offer the opportunity for opposing teams to lure the enemy into an ambush and use completely new strategies.

Moreover, the conversion to Force Points will simplify everything and the redesigned Item Shop mechanics now allow players to obtain all important weapons through simply playing the game. In addition, the level progression has been revised, the map manager improved and the UI optimized.

Source of information: Infernum press release.

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