Screenshots of the Guild Wars 2 Beta Event

Take a look to this new screenshots taken from the Guild Wars 2 Beta Event.

A charr patrols the countryside outside the Black Citadel, a massive fortified city built among the ruins of a long-conquered human kingdom.

Golden light in the forest outside the Black Citadel.

Don’t get too close to these grubs – they spit nasty acid!

This flaming fire imp is one of the many dangerous creatures travelers in Tyria may encounter.

A female centaur stands watch outside of a crude fortified camp. The proud, savage centaur tribes continually raid human settlements in the Krytan countryside.

A norn guardian casts the Tome of Wrath skill. This elite skill allows a guardian to summon a giant book, the Tome of Wrath, which provides him with 5 new skills that damage his opponents.

An asura thief fires at a charging skelk, aggressive lizard creatures that lurk in the forests of Tyria.

A human ranger faces off against a female centaur.

A group of female engineers assemble outside a stronghold on the World vs World map. Pictured is a norn engineer with flamethrower kit, a human engineer, an asura engineer, and a charr engineer with a rifle.

A hail of deadly trebuchet shots rain down on a stronghold under siege in World vs World, a game mode that pits armies of hundreds of players against each other on vast maps.

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