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Developed by Mgame Usa for Windows.


Scions of Fate, known as Yulgang in Asia, is a 3D Fantasy MMORPG with an oriental setting.


There are two factions in Scions of Fate, The Order, and Chaos. Both factions have their own stories and backgrounds along with unique character looks to tell the factions apart. They also have different styles of clothing as well as weapons. There is not really to say a 'good faction' and an 'evil faction' as the GM's say, the people who value rules are 'The Order' and the people who live freely and get away from the rules 'Chaos' or Rebels.


Swordsman - Melee warriors with fast attack speed, high accuracy, and dodge rates. Swordsmen are offensive fighters with average health and defense.

Bladesman - The main tanking class of Scions of Fate. Bladesman have the highest defense and health ratings but deal less damage than other classes. They also possess the only AoE (area of effect) ability in the game.

Archer - Masters of ranged combat. Archers must keep their enemies at a distance since they suffer from low defense and health ratings. Luckily, a high dodge rate gives them the ability to get away.

Healer - The only true caster class. Healers start out in mostly a supportive roll but become heavy damage dealers during late game levels.

Spearman - Spearmen have the highest attacking power in the game but have a bit lower health and defense than other melee classes.

Ninja - The latest class addition. Ninjas have the fastest attack speed with their preferred dagger weapon class. Ninjas also have the unique ability to go into stealth mode.


Rage mode is a mode that players will reach when their rage gauge reaches full. As players fight against monsters, their rage gauge level will increase as they receive hits from monsters. Once this gauge is full, players enter into rage mode which increases the attack power,presicion,defense, and dodge. This mode lasts for a certain period of time which varies due to the player's level, character specification, etc.


Combat system includes a combo attack and skill combo attack. Ability points that are obtained at each increase in level can be invested in certain abilities that raise the power or procreation rate of these combo moves.

The combo attack is a move where the character does three choreographed attacks for slightly greater damage at a faster rate. Investing ability points in flowing blade will increase the procreation rate of combo attacks. Healer characters expel energy balls as their form of attack and do not have combo attacks.

Skill combo attacks use chi points to perform a powerful skill.


The only part of Scions Of Fate that will require you to pay (optional) is the premium store. The store can be accessed either by netgame or in the game. Players would have to change their money for coins. 1 United States dollar would equal to 1000 coins (or NCASH as the game calls it)and so forth. In the premium store a variety of things can be bought such as clothing and pot(potions). One very common item bought at the store would be a pet. Which vary in prices.


OS: Windows 98 / ME / 2K / XP
CPU: Celeron 500MHz
HDD: 300MB
Graphics Card: 3D Accelerator enabled

Website: Scions of Fate

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