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Frogster is running a fund-raising promotion in collaboration with the children’s rights organisation ‘Save the Children Deutschland e.V.’ and already app. 11,000 Euros have come in for children in adversity.

Going under the name of ‘Moa's Charity Steed for Save the Children’, the mount is now available in the Item Shop at the preferential price of 199 Diamonds - instead of 299 Diamonds for other mounts. For every ‘Moa’s Charity Steed’ sold, the Berlin publisher is donating three Euros to the worldwide children's rights organisation. Since the launch of the promotion last weekend, there have already been more than 3,600 steeds sold, contributing app. 11,000 Euros in donations.

Every Runes of Magic player has up until 28 December 2009 to support children in adversity with the purchase of a ‘Moa’s Charity Steed’. ‘Save the Children’ uses the money worldwide wherever children need to be helped. The organisation fights for children’s rights for survival, health and education, but also against child labour and the use of children as soldiers in armed conflicts. Save the Children also helps children and their families in emergency and catastrophe situations.

To make buying a mount even more attractive, over the coming weekend there will also be a discount of up to 40% on the purchase of Diamonds.

Check the official website of Runes of Magic to get details.


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